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The Blue Bengal cat is one of the most attractive and interesting of the Bengal cat variants. Ranging from bluish-gray to gray, the Blue Bengal cat has a powder blue/grey coat with some cream tones. The spotted or marbled pattern is a dark blue or metal grey color. Bengal cats are Bengals that have blue-colored coats, though they are not completely blue and look like snow Bengals with tints of blue.

Our blue Bengal cats prices start from $3,000 and range to $5,000.
The Bengal cat breed was founded in the late 1960s by Jean Mill, who acquired a female Asian leopard and bred it with a black tomcat to produce spotted and solid cats. The International Cat Association (TICA) fully recognized the Bengal breed in 1991. Bengals have been selectively bred for their wild look, and have become a popular breed due to their exotic beauty and intelligence. When considering a Blue Bengal cat, potential cat owners should be aware of the long-term commitment it requires. Blue Bengals have high energy levels and require plenty of physical and mental stimulation, including daily play sessions and leash and harness training. They are loyal to their families but may have difficulty adjusting to a new home if they are re-homed. Owning a Blue Bengal cat can be a rewarding experience. They are loyal and loving cats and enjoy being part of the family. With the right amount of training and stimulation, Blue Bengals can make great lifelong companions

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