Bengal cat average size

Bengal cats are a lithe and agile breed and generally weigh between 8–15 pounds. They're prized for their dense, short coats that are boldly patterned with spots or rosettes. While Bengal cats may appear larger because of their muscles, they don't get much bigger than other cats. The average Bengal is not fully grown until they are around three years old. Expect a Bengal cat length of up to 18 inches (45.7cms) for fully grown adults (excluding the tail). A Bengal cat height (that is, based on what they stand on all fours) is usually around 8–10 inches (20.3–25.4cms).

Bengal cats come in a range of colors. These include golden, rust, brown, orange, sand, ivory, and black. They can also have distinctive spots, rosettes, arrowhead markings, or marbling. Bengal cats may also have a shimmering effect in their fur, which gives them the appearance of being dusted with glitter. Some Bengals also have a ticked fur pattern, which is another trait inherited from their wildcat ancestors.